focused attention on the fact that the ancient Egyptian civilization is fraught with
a huge number of mysteries still unanswered. The above
the discovery is a tomb of a man whose name That. About it reports the edition
Rossiiskii Dialog.

Earlier in Poland have unearthed a burial with the severed paw of a bear.

is the fact that this burial was concealed the remains of dozens of mummies. Key
to the solution are images of the God hapi, who was considered the patron Saint of the river
Neil. Experts emphasize that a similar engraving is atypical even for
tombs of important priests. Supporters of the world conspiracy are confident that the Supreme
the mummy might belong to the civilization of the Atlanteans.

the emergence of Atlanta are required bellicose the Anunnaki, who came from the Planet
H. One of the hypotheses States that
ancient Egyptian deities represented the Atlanteans who made
the inhabitants of the Earth from aggressive aliens.

According to
Egyptian mythology, hapi and RA left the earth, when he saw
what the people of Egypt are ready to fight humanoids.

Scientists have unearthed the burial of a creature that lived 22 million years ago. Recall that German archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient crocodile.