Pome fruit, particularly Apple, responded well to weather conditions, the harvest is expected at the level of last year, but overproduction can be reduced through exports, said the head of OO “Ukrsadvinprom” Vladimir Stove.

“On pome fruits (particularly apples) expected yield at the level of last year. I hope to increase exports this year”, – said V. Stove in comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to the CEO of the company “Ukrainian berry” Taras Balcanica, in good condition and stone.

“In our area of stone survived the weather. If will work in Belarus, the prices are good, but if Belarus will not work, and the whole crop will remain in Ukraine, prices are not very good. As for the other berries-harvest losses of strawberry is only in the Western regions (Lviv, Ternopil region). Where losses amount to 20-30%, with some farms even 40% due to frost, hail and hurricanes”, – said T. Bastani Agency.

According to him, due to adverse weather conditions a significant portion of strawberries this year lost Poland.

“In Poland last week there were three nights when the temperature fell to -6-8°. Polish producers are still not ready to make losses, but in regions where there was such a temperature, the strawberry harvest is lost completely. My prediction for strawberries: the price will be high, at the level of last year,” he said.

At the same time freezing not so much affected the other crops in Poland, added T. Bastanak.

“As of blueberries in Poland it is difficult to say: I think early varieties in the regions where it was freezing, just pop a little bit – about 50%, since the blueberries are more resistant to temperature than strawberries, and medium and late varieties of blueberries still do not bloom, therefore no losses will be. Raspberries on the weather impact, but, perhaps, somewhat influenced currants”, – said T. Bastanak.

As reported, Ukraine in 2018 exported fruits and berries $229 million (+17% by 2017). Traditionally the main markets for Ukrainian exporters were EU countries, which purchase approximately 2/3 of Ukrainian fruit production. The greatest products of Ukrainian horticulture exported to Poland ($39.8 million).

“Ukrsadvinprom” brings together over 170 companies from different regions of Ukraine.