The US and Russia



World news: Signed by trump, the US budget includes new sanctions against Russia.

The law on budget financing, signed on Friday, March 23, U.S. President Donald trump, contains a number of new restrictions against Russia, and also increases the Fund to counter Russian influence.

This is stated in the material of the American edition The Daily Beast.

“In a massive law on the national budget in the amount of $1.3 trillion that Congress agreed to this week, hidden harsh new penalties against Russia, which, according to lawmakers and aides, is the President’s message Donald Trump to reconsider its soft stance against Moscow”, – notes the edition.

The law, which trump waited a long time for the signature “includes limitations that prohibit many government agencies have a financial or other relationship with the Kremlin and its supporters” . In particular, as specified in the publication, Federal agencies, States forbidden to enter into new contracts or arrangements with representatives of the Russian Federation. In addition, the document provides for the increase of the Fund to counter Russian influence by 150% compared to the previous financial year to $205 million

Members of Congress from both the Republican and Democratic parties consider these provisions as an opportunity to consolidate the new restrictions against the regime of Vladimir Putin. But, it remains a mystery who among the legislators made these changes to the law, which has 2232 pages.

Many members of Congress, as well as sources on Capitol hill who represent both parties, said the new financial barriers for Russia are “both serious and significant, and was developed given the fact that Russia continues its aggression in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.” In addition, Congress took note of intelligence reports that the Kremlin is trying to intervene in the midterm elections to Congress this year.