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YEKATERINBURG, July 27. /TASS/. The area of forest fires in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district – Yugra dropped in a day from 4.9 thousand ha to 3.8 ha. this was announced Thursday by the Department of subsoil use and natural resources in the region.

“This morning the situation is the following: was 30 fires on the area of 3.8 hectares,” – said in the Department. On Wednesday night in the region reported 35 fires with a total area of 4.9 thousand hectares.

Earlier it was reported that acting Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Gennady bukhtin. on Wednesday signed a decree on the introduction in Berezovsky and Beloyarsky districts of the state of emergency because of the difficult fire situation. According to the Department of public and external relations of Ugra, now threats to human settlements there . The distance to settlements is from 20 to 80 km, according to the regulations, the forest fire management moves into the operational headquarters, where the fire is coming to the point closer than 5 km.

According to the first Deputy Director of the regional Department for subsoil use and natural resources Evgeny Platonov, soil dryness allows to burn all the territory of Yugra. In Beloyarsk district remains the fourth class of fire danger, in Berezovsky – the third in Khanty – Mansiysk, October, Soviet and Surgut districts, the second.

For fighting forest fires and dump water on forest involved heavy machinery: the helicopters Mi-8 and airplanes an-2. On the eve of Nefteyugansk arrived the Ka-32 helicopter with overflow device, which immediately began to extinguish. This technique is able to pour up to 3.5 t of water at a time. In addition, on July 27 assistance in the Beloyarskiy district arrived another powerful helicopter Mi-8MT with a drain device which is used specifically for fighting forest fires, are already worked up about 1.6 km of the forest edge.