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IZHEVSK, may 16. /TASS/. The area of the fire at the former military training ground near the village of Pugachevo in Udmurtia increased to 50 hectares, has informed on Wednesday to journalists in a press-service of EMERCOM in the region.

Earlier it was reported that the fire area was 20 ha.

“The grass continues to burn in the area of 50 hectares,” the Ministry said.

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As the correspondent of TASS from the event, thick, dark brown smoke visible for several kilometres from the fire . Residents of nearby villages take to the streets, but the panic among the population there.

The area where combustion occurs, is considered a technical and not used, there are no structures. Now the range is surrounded by police, emergency, fire brigades and rescue services.

The Chairman of the government of the Republic of Yaroslav Semenov announced that the fire will be to extinguish the be-200 aircraft and three helicopters.

“In Izhevsk has already arrived the plane be-200, and we expect the arrival of three helicopters Mi-8. The be-200, which is designed specifically to extinguish fires, already dressed. I think, within an hour or two it will start to work” – said Semyonov.

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The area of the fire at the former military training ground in Udmurtia increased to 50 hectares

He added that firefighters could not begin to extinguish due to the fired shells.

“After all the air will be extinguished, will come the ground forces,” – said Semyonov.

According to the government of the Republic, is to talk about the damage early, as the open fire on the territory of the village there, and the fire danger to people and property at the moment is not.

Wednesday in the Malopurginskoe region of Udmurtia West of the settlement Pugachevo there was a fire at the former military polygon. According to regional GU Ministry of emergency situations, extinguishing attracted 114 people and 43 units of equipment.