Photo: IA Regnum Aleksandar Vucic led security forces in full combat readiness

Kosovo security forces detained 23 people. Among them was the citizen of Russia Mikhail Krasnoshekov.

The President of Serbia Alexander Vucic made the decision to lead the country’s armed forces and interior Ministry special forces in full combat readiness due to the deterioration of the situation in Kosovo. It is reported by RTS on Tuesday, may 28.

This morning units of the special forces of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kosovo ROSU entered the territory of all four Serb municipalities and detained 23 Serbs and Bosniaks. Injured two people.

It is noted that “the arrested members of the Kosovo police of Serbian nationality and civilians”.

In turn TASS reports that security forces in Kosovo detained the citizen of Russia Mikhail Krasnoshekov. He allegedly is an employee of the UN Mission for the interim administration in Kosovo (UNMIK).

We will remind, in the end of last year in Kosovo announced the establishment of the army, after which Serbia has threatened to introduce troops into the country.

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