PYONGYANG, March 9. /Offset. TASS Yuri Sidorov/. The Korean people’s army (kPa) will adopt high-precision smart missiles and “develop new methods of missile strikes Korean sample”. This is stated in the statement of the representative of the strategic forces, the kPa released by the news Agency KCNA.

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© AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

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He categorically rejected the statement of the UN Security Council, condemning Pyongyang conducted missile tests, made “on the initiative of the United States.” North Korea “has every right to take measures to strengthen the defense of the country at that time, as the US and South Korea conduct aimed against Pyongyang large-scale military exercises Foal Eagle and Key Resolve, according to a statement.

The representative of the strategic forces, warned that the part she “will turn to ashes the bases of the aggressors and provocateurs with nuclear warheads missiles, if at least one enemy bullet will arrive on the territory of the DPRK.”

On Monday, North Korea conducted a test of four ballistic missiles. Participating artillery units practiced tactics of missile strikes on us bases located in Japan.

The UN security Council expressed grave concern at the “increasingly destabilizing behavior” of the DPRK. As highlighted in approved Tuesday statement, conducting missile tests, the North Korean military improve their means of delivering nuclear weapons than “increase the danger of an arms race in the region.”