The discovery was
committed in the Russian city of Kaliningrad. According to preliminary information,
discovered the find is dated XVI century. Scientists noted that the owner was very easy to use
a similar piece for verification time. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii

Previously, scientists were able to create attaches.

Manufactured device
from bones he has from the inside of the lid vertical dial with
Roman numerals and at the bottom of its date of manufacture – 1599. Also anomaly
consists of a magnetic compass and a horizontal dial with Arabic
figures. In addition, the housing had the hole for mounting the strings, creating
shadow, to get a more accurate time.

employees of the company who made a discovery, such a device could
to possess only an extremely competent person. It is not excluded that it could be
one of the professors of the University Albertina.

Archaeologists were
very glad to detect such an artifact, because to find such an expensive thing
integrity and safety is a big success.

First, the researchers were able to identify the watch from 2025. We will remind that earlier it was established, why does the clock stop running after the death of the individual.