It is worth noting that another part of the ashes, at the request of the Dorenko, scatter over the mountain Mitridat in Kerch, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to TASS, citing the statement of the radio station “Moscow speaking”, where Dorenko until his death he worked as a chief editor at a funeral ceremony were only relatives and friends of the journalist.

Let us add that on may 17, at Troekurov cemetery in Moscow held a farewell ceremony for the dead Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, a well-known journalist and presenter Sergey Dorenko has always been original in his remarks, and remained so to his dying wish.

We will remind that the journalist Sergei Dorenko died may 9 in Moscow: he was riding a motorcycle, but suddenly felt ill and fell. Resuscitation did not help. Physicians reported that three years before the death of Dorenko learned about the heart problems.