Russian singer Lyubov Uspenskaya stated that he was in a scandal with the show “the Voice. Children” artist Alsu went on vacation. The incident on the First channel was the result of “abnormal” victory her daughter Mikella. It is reported by “KP”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Alsu went to rest with children, to forget about everything,” – said the assumption. Where it went Alsu, the singer is not explained.

She also expressed surprise in connection with the removal of the singer from the announcement of the results of “Eurovision”. “It could be revenge, could someone avenges her. But why, we find out later why,” – said assumption, stressing that the quality Alsou would be more than appropriate.

“Beautiful, beautiful English… If this girl was not the daughter Alsu, no one would even pay attention,” – said the assumption.

Recall that the actress Svetlana Loboda after the scandal on the show “the Voice. Children” decided to meet with the finalists.

In addition, the former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Aliana Ustinenko commented on the voting results the final edition of the show “the Voice. Children”, stressing that the victory of daughter Alsou Abramova Mikelly there is a corruption component.

As previously reported, the show “the Voice. Children” admitted useless for daughter Alsu.