Astrologer Vlad Ross said that Friday the 13th in October this year will be the most dangerous day for our planet in 2017. The Sayer’s words confirmed not only numerical consistency but also approaching a huge asteroid. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

It is in this day
our planet should be close to the closest distance to the asteroid
2012 TC4 is the size of a football field. According to preliminary information,
the outer body can fly past, but there is a huge possibility,
that an asteroid will fall on the surface of the globe.

The next Friday the 13th.
which disturbs the astrologer will be in April 2029, when past the Earth
at a dangerously close distance will fly by another huge asteroid called

Previously, researchers have warned Americans about the disaster, during which all of California will go under the ground .

Such natural processes
in California happen often, but researchers are concerned that the current rate of decrease
height of the soil threaten the health of millions of people and infrastructure.