Photo: Social networks, the terrorist Attack in St. Petersburg financed from Turkey, said in a Russian court

Members of the international terrorist group gave money to the terrorist attack in Turkey, said in a Russian court.

The terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg was financed from Turkey members of the international terrorist group.

This was stated by the judge of the Basmanny court of Moscow Elena Lenskaya, while reading out the resolution on arrest of the tenth defendant in the case, Akram Asimov.

“According to the materials of the case, Akram Asimov in Turkey have personally received funds for the attack. He was in charge of making counterfeit documents for members of the criminal group for their unhindered crossing borders,” she said.

Today the FSB said that the customer of a terrorist attack in the subway Peter installed .

Earlier in the investigation of the terrorist attack in the subway, Peter was arrested eight alleged members of the jihadist cells.