Ambulances, Hurghada


TASS, July 14. Two people were killed and another four were injured in an attack on tourists Hurghada. According to the interior Ministry, the victims – a citizen of Germany, injuring two tourists from Armenia and the citizen of the Czech Republic and Russia . The Egyptian government has acted with the special statement announcing the capture of the assailant and about the beginning of investigation of circumstances of the tragedy.

Attack on the coast

The crime occurred on the territory of two neighbouring hotels are located in the coastal strip. As reported in the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the malefactor broke into the territory of one of them, “Sunny Days El Palacio”, from the sea. With a knife he attacked several women, including two German women who died from his wounds on the spot. Then the offender has caused more than a dozen stab wounds the citizen of Russia.

After that, the attacker moved to the nearby hotel and was there wounded three other foreign women. As explained later, the representatives of the security Department of the province of the Red sea, they were two of the citizen of Armenia and a resident of the Czech Republic.

All the victims were taken to local hospitals. Currently, as pointed out by the doctors, condition of injured stable. According to doctors, “all the victims were stabbed in different areas of the body, carry out the necessary procedures”.

The offender was arrested and is in safety control of Hurghada, where the investigation team is conducting his interrogation. In the interests of the investigation, neither his name or occupation not reported.

As the Russians

Life of the Russians is not in danger, told TASS the Vice-Consul of the General Consulate in Hurghada Eldar Ibrahimov.

In his words, “injured Mikhailenko Elena Ivanovna, who arrived in Egypt from Ukraine under the Russian passport”. “Probably, – said the Russian diplomat, it has the passport of Ukraine.”

As noted by the Vice-Consul, “now she is in the hospital “es Salam”. Russian woman, according to Ibrahimov, received about 20 stab wounds, but “they are light”. Employees of the Russian Consulate in Hurghada already visited her in the hospital.

Immediately after the attack by the Egyptian Prosecutor’s office cordoned off the scene and few hours carried out investigative actions. To date, this procedure has been completed.

By order of the Governor at the entrances to the city has adopted enhanced security measures. Additional police exhibited all of the hotels and tourist villages in the city and on its outskirts.

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