April 25, Trostyanets area armed with a pitchfork, the attacker injured a district police officer, the detainee faces life imprisonment for an encroachment on life of law enforcement officer in the performance of official duties, the press service of the National police.

Police received a report that the village of gordeevka 42-year-old local resident is aggressive and walks around the village with an axe and a pitchfork.

“The district police officer in uniform in a patrol car arrived at the scene of the call and began to talk to the person, to stop illegal actions. But the intruder attacked him with a pitchfork, injured ear and a pierced cheek. Villagers who witnessed the incident, helped the police to detain violent husband and take him gardening tool” – said in a message on the official website of national police on Thursday.

The attacker is not detected signs of intoxication .

“The offender is detained in a procedural order in accordance with article 348 of the criminal code (attempt on the life of a law enforcement officer in the performance of official duties),” said the police..

The sanction of article provides till 15 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.