MEXICO city, June 12. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. The attorney General of Venezuela, Luis Ortega Diaz has decided to fight for the dissolution of the current composition of the Supreme court (SC). She stated this on Monday in an interview with radio station Union Radio. According to Diaz, the 13 members of the 21 armed forces and their Deputy in December of 2015 were selected with violations.

“The lack of legitimacy with the appearance of these members of the court affects their suitability, impartiality, without any doubt, this factor contributed to the fact that the sun does not give effective solutions, but rather deals with the deepening crisis,” said Diaz. The public Prosecutor considers that the armed forces should be dissolved immediately “for the sake of peace in the country.” Earlier on June 12 it became known that the Supreme court refused to consider her application against the Constitutional Assembly by the decision of President Nicolas Maduro .

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Sun became one of the main tools of the President in the struggle with the opposition, who took control of Parliament after winning the elections in December 2015. Supreme court has repeatedly invalidated the decision of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament), including a resolution on “the abandonment of the post” President.

Since early April, Venezuela is shaken by anti-government protests. The number of victims during this time exceeded 1.3 thousand, over 3.1 thousand were arrested. According to various estimates by officials, died from 67 to 80 people.

The reason for performances served as Supreme court decisions expanding the authority of Maduro and limiting the functions of Parliament, and ban one of the opposition leaders Henrique Capriles to stand for election.

The situation worsened after the President decided to convene a Constitutional Assembly that could reform the system of public administration and to amend the basic law. The elections scheduled for 30 July.