Russians rarely have to walk in the theaters. And it is not that the tastes of the public changed. Just between the “bread and circuses” they are forced to choose the former. However, not only the expensive tickets, but boring repertoire of one of the reasons for the empty halls in the palaces of Melpomene.


Well look at the bright performance of capital masters of the inhabitants of many cities, there is no way that those not coming to them on tour. Last year in 23 regions with a total population of almost 21 million people has not conducted any touring activities of the Federal theatre. To such sad conclusions of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation.


Today, Russia has 665 state theatres. 20 of them is Federal under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of culture, 591 — regional and 54 belonging to different agencies .

The audit chamber checked the theatres themselves, and how to implement the Concept of development of theatrical business in Russia. To do this, experts SP conducted a survey among the population (which in General is for her new). And that’s what it became.

— 74.1% of respondents attend theatre infrequently or not very often due to the high cost of tickets, — tells a source in audit chamber of the Russian Federation. — By the way, the average cost of a theatre ticket in the Russian Federation (this is statistical data, not data from the survey) has increased over the past four years by 67.9%. In 2016, it amounted to 1408 RUB 78.6% of buy cheap tickets, which, as a rule, are available inconvenient places. These facts indicate a lack of economic availability of theatre services for the population. In many regions of the theaters don’t offer discount tickets for the least protected layers.

The audit revealed an interesting fact: the Ministry of culture sets theatres the state assignment on the number of tours without identifying specific regions. But those, for whatever their reasons, prefer not to ride in separate entities. In the end, it so happened that last year in 23 regions there was no tour event. Moreover, in 12 of them (in Saratov and Kurgan region, Republic of Adygea, Komi, Kalmykia, Ingushetia, Chuvashia, Tuva, Kamchatka and the TRANS-Baikal region, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug), such a tour was not conducted within the last three years.


The concept was approved by the Government decree in 2011. It is aimed at the development of theatre as an art form in terms of expanding the range of theatrical services — the choice of repertoire, create new forms of productions.

In General the concept was spelled out quite right and the right moments. One of them, for example, to create a unified database of theatres of all forms of ownership and organizational-legal forms and not theatrical venues used by the theatre. The base is not so far, instead there are strange two portals with different set of information about theatres. The website “Theatrical Russia” as a tool for monitoring theatrical life has not found its application. “This indicates inefficient use of resources, the development of which was directed from the Federal budget in the total amount of 12 million rubles”, — stated in the report of the SP.

A lot of claims from the auditors directly to the Ministry of culture. In 2014 and 2015 under the Federal program “Culture of Russia” by the Ministry were concluded 78 contracts totaling 140 million rubles for the holding of theatre festivals, contests, performances.

— Spot check in system “Spark” established the facts of the conclusion of contracts with companies involved in, for example, sewing sets, sport and transport activities, but not cultural events — said the representative of the accounts chamber of Alexander Filipenko. The information will be sent to the Prosecutor General.

The auditors decided to request the attorney General to verify and GITIS. There happened not very beautiful story with books that are supposedly burned in the library during a fire. The Institute has written off more than a thousand publications 1938-1950 years. The act of damaging of books not being issued, was not created by special Commission for the disposal of the library Fund were not identified folios belonging to the literary monuments. Auditors are not lazy and made an analysis of the market value of written off the books. So he showed that on the Internet similar instances are offered at a price up to 15 thousand each.