The Australian photographer was lucky enough to photograph the rare natural phenomenon – purple jet, which is an inhabitant of the Earth’s ionosphere. The unique frame was made during the night near the small town of Pilbara in Western Australia. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Jet is very similar
lightning, which appears high in the sky, and then rushes into Space. To catch
jet with conventional equipment impossible, because their outbreak occurs in
for a few seconds.

Scientists say that in
the upper atmosphere there are several varieties of such lightning —
jets, sprites that represent the education, looks like a giant

It was noted earlier that in the atmosphere appeared a radioactive cloud.

As noted
researchers identify dangerous clouds will be possible through satellites. Pictures
upon request, NASA has detected clouds with high levels of radiation . On Board
several aircraft included in the programme ARMAS, which
it is possible to fix the radiation at different height levels.