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SAINT PETERSBURG, September 4. /TASS/. The company “Northern capital Highway” (NCH, concessionaire of the Western high-speed diameter, ZSD) in 2018 will receive from the budget of St. Petersburg RUB 4.1 billion as subsidy for the difference from the planned income. On Monday Deputy Chairman of the investment Committee Dmitry Sinkin in the budget hearing in the Legislature.

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“Checksum budget for 2018 be 4.49 billion rubles., the main costs at the expense of Western high-speed diameter,” said Sinkin. He said that the amount of subsidies will amount to RUB 4.1 billion, which is less expenses in the current year. According to him, this amount does not include costs for the construction of three new conventions, for which it is planned to sign an additional agreement .

The cost of construction of three congresses in the area of Beloostrov, Skipper duct and Shuvalovsky prospect is estimated at 7 billion rubles.

About the project

The Western high-speed diameter toll urban highway that links the Northern and southern areas of Petersburg, bypassing the historic centre. The through traffic on the WHSD was opened in December 2016. The project budget was previously estimated at 212 billion rubles, of which 82,9 billion – investors ‘ funds, 54,2 billion – budget funds of St. Petersburg, 50.7 billion – the Federal budget and 25 billion – income from bond placement.

Consortium members are “VTB Capital”, Gazprombank, companies Astaldi (Italy) and Ita Inaat (Turkey) as contractors-building, Mega Yapi Insaat ve Ticaret (Turkey) – technical consultant contractors.

The concession agreement of 2011 provides that the control of ZSD and tolls for 30 years to engage in “Magistral Northern capital”. According to the agreement, the authorities of St. Petersburg guarantee the concessionaire revenue from charging a fee for travel at a rate of 9.67 billion rubles a year, if the amount collected is less than the city pay compensation to the MSS, if the MSS shall pay to the city government 90% of the difference. In 2016, was paid 4,177 billion rubles, in 2017 planned $ 4.62 billion rubles, but after the recalculation, the amount increased by 1 billion rubles. It is expected that compensation in 2018 will amount 4,143 billion rubles in 2019 – 3,669 billion.