The ban of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on money transfers to Ukraine through international payment systems will not have a material impact on income from Russia, I am sure the first Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy.

“They banned transfers from Russia via payment systems without opening a Bank account. I don’t think this will have a significant impact on the financial system: the amount of such transfers is insignificant. In addition, our citizens are so creative that they will find other ways,” he told reporters in Kyiv on Wednesday.

According to the Deputy head of the NBU, up to the present time the most popular payment systems was MoneyGram and Western Union. The volume of such transfers from Russia in the first two months of 2017 amounted to about $90 million.

As reported, the state Duma on Wednesday, March 22, adopted in the third reading a law that restricts money transfers from Russia to foreign countries through foreign payment systems.

As the author of the document in the explanatory note, the document is aimed at addressing the negative effects of the ban on the activities of the Russian payment systems on the territory of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that at the end of October 2016 Ukraine banned the activities of a number of Russian payment systems, including the “Golden Crown” and “Unistream”.