Sensational information provided Nikolay Baskov: the actor admitted that in his mind and work was a real spiritual turning point, and he is now busy finding God in himself.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

– The theme of spirituality I have long been seized, – said Nicholas, – this happened when I was on the operating table. It all happened suddenly, I just lost consciousness. And then everything in my life changed. And I became interested in history, religion, Bible. I realized that when we are bad we turn to God. We want to be happy, we want to be loved. And what is God? It’s love. It all depends on you, how you love people, just passersby, like life itself: morning, evening. God nothing from you! Only your gratitude for what you of the countless number of sperm gave life. And you should be grateful to him for that.

Hard to believe, but the search for God in themselves, led to serious creative Baskov fracture .

– I’m doing a new album, which will be seventeen songs on a spiritual subject. In the fall I will present it. We, the artists share their program into two halves: either we sing about love happy or unhappy about. Well, some funny songs about different stupid situation. And here I want another. It’s hard for us to survive if we suddenly forget, I know artists are struggling hard with different dependencies that arise in our lives. I wish the artist was happy. Each of us lives his life, we all don’t like each other, otherwise we wouldn’t be watching someone how to live, dress, sing, and so on. But the formula of absolute happiness, it is in harmony with itself.

On the question of the journalist “MK” which of the seven deadly sins artist, if he is on the path in faith, considers “his” Basque, without hesitation replied that he did they are inherent in varying degrees, as well as others. And to clarify, “well, thou shalt not kill?”, in confession the sinful impulses:

And such thoughts are! Sometimes, when I commit, I think: “now I would kill!” But this is only thoughts. They are inside the head. And happen to everybody.

– But artists to a greater extent than others, characterized by ambition, narcissism, how to deal with this? – continued we question.

– I have no envy towards others, replied Nicholas, and I try not to judge. In my opinion cultivation of good relations to the people atones for all sins.

– So you are now in show business, to use the sports term, “outside the game”, right?

No, when you have someone to support, I take one side or the other. Another thing, say when we are in Sardinia we look, together with Alla Pugacheva football, and she suddenly says: “Well, what’s in show business what’s going on?”

– Kind of like not know?

– Doesn’t know because not interested. And such serenity of this great singer! I have such peace of people have not seen! Here I also try also. Early in my career I was just singing that I liked, and never adjust any stereotypes. And I’m from a lot in show business and departed. I’m just at a young age got into a situation, which he could not solve for themselves, and went at the behest of the producers. And I wanted freedom! And when I got it, I realized that this is the most valuable. And maybe I achieved what I could, but I belong to myself, me, nobody is, and this is the greatest happiness for the artist.

To the question: “What is your greatest failure in life?” The Basque replied very honestly:

Is my family life. I want to be a happy person, but I don’t want to be everywhere, do everything, fly, go on tour… Maybe you should go on some concessions. Maybe this is not a failure, maybe there’s a bridge, it wobbles, but there’s… But my biggest success is that I came to speak with his parents. I love your childhood! These memories! Ryazan, the village where lived my grandparents. I remember the smell of goat’s milk, fresh eggs and light-heartedness! It was happiness that is not marred nor fear, nor questions what will happen next. The absolute happiness.

You recently showed a true football fan, you in show business, the concept of “unsportsmanlike conduct”? – we continued to ask Nicholas.

– Show business – it fights without rules, there is no “unsportsmanlike conduct” – confessed Basque and told about the situation on the personal front. (Remember, Victoria Lopyreva said that if our team will win the world Cup in soccer, her wedding with Baskov).

– Russian national team has shown incredible game! You’d hear screaming Pugachev in the evening! I have not seen such emotions. We saw professional play, believe that we have a team, realized that we are proud of our hockey can be proud of and football. And we know how to unite. I am proud of this championship.

As for Victoria, we have a complicated relationship. I have a heavy schedule, she’s all crazy! Maybe it will lead to marriage, maybe friendship, life will show. But Victoria is in my life and it changed a lot it made me more athletic. In General, I am happy that one of the most beautiful girls of Russia is a part of my life.

Also Nikolay Baskov noticed that any music belongs to their generation. For example, he can’t hear more than three songs in a row performed by the group “Leningrad”. “To listen longer need to be or alcoholic out – joked Nicholas Basque – or you feel very uncomfortable, because this art has in the lowlands. But every artist has a different perception.”

As for his favorite song, then select Nikolai I can think of. “Our hit from Natalie’s “La Lee La Lay” was recorded for the Christmas lights, and the “Natural blonde” – for the anniversary Vinokur, who knew they would become my “calling card”, – shrugged the Basques, but still admitted that the concert he ends up “hurdy-gurdy”.