I remember a witty joke about the two elderly secretaries – Brezhnev and Chernenko.

“The battery had ended. Everything has a life”.

So irreverent, cheeky Kremlin spin doctor, “Groclin” Kalachev spoke to the BBC about left yesterday in resignation of the Governor of the Kaluga region Artamonove, writes telegrams-channel “Sickle”.

Artamonov, 20 years head of the region, too, by the way, “zerochan”. But soon he came to the bears from the Communist party, and Kalachev – the post of General Secretary of the “Party of beer lovers”. One entered the “edro”, seared red flags, and the other, hiccuping from the bad “Beers”.

Interestingly expressed, “egressusque” attendants of cerankosky foster at heavyweight, the script, the person solid. Artamonov ceased to be Governor, and Kalachev had his batteries picking. Now you can – no longer a Governor.

Curiously, when Putin will fly, all sorts of snot lackey will be on him to blow his nose? To say that “the batteries died” Vova? I think it is. Stop paying money, get up, reseraches, in opposition, as Pavlovsky.

But among other things, Kalachev started to think in risk terms. Putin is still in power and money. And hints at the batteries immediately bring to mind a witty anecdote of the Soviet period about the two elderly secretaries – Brezhnev and Chernenko:


– Why Brezhnev met the leaders of foreign powers in the airport, and Chernenko in the Kremlin, holding on to the wall of the Cabinet?


– Because Leonid Brezhnev worked from the battery, and Konstantin Ustinovich – network!

What we have Putin from the network, it turns out, works? He’s on the airfields no one meets. Often in Sochi, where the sticks for six months.

Or all of Putin “on batteries”? Perhaps. It’s moving. Even on skates.

By the way, Artamonov coeval Putin, he is 67 years old. So if “the batteries over from him,” then how Kalachevo, Putin charge? He is also 20 years sitting in the government.

However, we know how. “Nautilus Pompilius” suggested: “This music will be eternal if I replace batteries”.

Now from the heart of the Constitution, Putin Clisham, Isinbayeva and Dr. Roshal will take out the worn-out blocks, insert a reactor, like the Terminator, and the mafia is ready to continue to enrich themselves, to fight, to promise a breakthrough.