Vladimir Borovikovsky often wrote intimate portraits, and his female images reflects the ideal of beauty of that era. One of the most famous works of the artist — portrait of Maria Lopukhina, the representative of the Ducal family of Tolstoy and his wife of Jagermeister Stepan Lopukhin.

V. L. Borovikovsky. Portrait Of M. I. Lopukhina. Oil on canvas. 1797. Tretyakov gallery

Vladimir Borovikovsky was born in Myrhorod in 1757. His father, uncle and brothers were painters. Early in his career he wrote way for churches. Once he was given the task to paint the interior of the house in Kremenchug, which was built for the reception of Catherine II. The Empress praised the work of the painter and invited him to St. Petersburg.

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Borovikovsky moved to the capital, where he continued painting . In 1795, he painted portrait of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, for which he bestowed the title of academician of painting. In 1797-m Vladimir Borovikovsky, already one of the most fashionable artists of his time, was commissioned to make portraits of the Imperial family.

Borovikovsky was a Mason. He was a member of the Lodge “the Dying Sphinx”, but shortly before his death withdrew from her and entered into the mystic circle of “Union brotherhood”. Borovikovsky died in 1825. According to the will, his property was distributed to the poor.