Minsk and Edinburgh — “two big differences”.

The story of the struggle of the Scottish people for independence goes back centuries. In mass consciousness a symbol of this struggle at the hands of actor and Director Mel Gibson was Scottish knight William Wallace, known for the film “brave heart”, where he appeared as a real hero, though very different from the real thing, “Salidarnasts”writes.

However, the heroes-fighters in Scotland and true enough always. Over time, however, pragmatism took precedence over the idea of independence. In the referendum of 2014, the majority of Scots voted against secession from the United Kingdom . In fact, what is the meaning of such a solution, if in a United Europe and no borders?

Messed up very British, spoke out in 2016 for an exit from the EU. The Scots to leave the EU don’t want – especially with Britain – but because the sentiment in the spirit of William Wallace has flashed with new force.

On Saturday, January 11, in Glasgow was a rally for the independence of Scotland, organized by the movement All Under One Banner (AUOB). The March was attended by over 80 thousand people. They called for a second referendum on independence from the UK after its exit from the EU, to be held on January 31.

Photo: AFP

The March participants were carrying national flags of Scotland – a white cross on a blue background – as well as signs saying “End London rule”. People did not stop nor rain nor gusty wind, although due to the bad weather still had to cancel the rally.

This is not the first March for independence, but the mass for the last time. As reported by the Glasgow Live, just this year AUOB plans to hold several similar events.

And now guess how many of the marchers in Glasgow was detained and fined. The correct answer is zero. Moreover, the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon , welcomed a March on his Twitter page.

“Good luck to all who are now seeking independence in Glasgow – hope the weather not too bad! Sorry, I can’t be there today, but looking forward to meeting you again in the near future. And while sending my support and best wishes,” she wrote.

The Belarusian authorities, without a twinge of conscience fined tens indifferent Belarusians, participants of the protests against integration with Russia, this is clearly not understand.