Ended the 40th Moscow international film festival. The jury under the guidance of Italian producer Paolo del Brocon was awarded the main award “Golden Saint George” the debut of the Yakut film “King-bird” by Eduard Novikov.

The first film from the Sakha Republic got into the competition of the festival. Producer of happiness could not come to himself, laughed out loud and shouted in Yakut “Hurrah!”

Russian film “Tsar-bird” won the main prize MMKF-2018 | Movie | pic.twitter.com/ibuahaiwgY

— Alexey Kretov (@lexa19810909) 26 APR 2018

Special prize of jury is awarded to another Russian painting “Nude”, shot by Chinese Yang GE. “Thank you, China, teaching work and never give up,” she said. Russia Yan GE thanked for teaching feelings: “I’m not alone and not going anywhere. I’m glad my mom’s here. She knows nothing, really. I promise to be a good person and I will continue to work .”

“Silver George” for best Director he received from the hands of jury member Anna Melikyan Alexander Kott for the film “white” about the earthquake in Armenia. In the days when there is a life-changing event, the award is “White” takes on a special meaning.

“Silver George” for best actor was handed to Nastassja Kinski. In Moscow, she learned the fun to say “Hello”.

The role for which the jury noted new Zealand actor Kieran Charneca in the film “the Lost”, Kinski has identified as crucial, because for the hero, things can change and one second. Incidentally, he was released from prison after serving for attempted murder in a state of high anxiety after what happened to his girlfriend. For the first time in the history of the festival in its programme participated, the picture from New Zealand. Kieran Charnock in a state similar to stress, admitted: “Everything I experienced in your town, unbelievable to me. Director Dustin Finili spent 10 years for this film to take place.”

American actor John savage presented the award For “best actress” actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno for the film “Naples under the veil’. In Moscow, she did not come, sent a message of thanks.

Documentary competition jury was headed by Lithuanian Director Saulius Berzinis. The award he presented one of the most important and modern captured pictures of the competition – “the Cleaners” young Berlin Directors – Hans Block and Moritz of Risavika. One of them, receiving the award said, “We need to fight against censorship and for freedom of speech”. The film tells about those who continually cleans the social network, eliminate the posts that carry the danger. This happens in the Philippines, where cheap labor and no understanding of the global context.

Award “I Believe. Stanislavsky” for outstanding achievements in acting was presented by Andrei Konchalovsky. As the laureate was Nastassja Kinski how easy it was to guess. She starred in his “Maria’s Lovers”.

Konchalovsky recalled how once in Moscow had to negotiate the Fellini prize to the Central Committee, as he could not to present an award to Krzysztof Keslevskogo, not a documentary about Aviation, and how Kieslowski was worried about awards: ‘What have you done to me? I curse in Poland.” There was a time when it was dangerous to get prizes in Moscow. Well, favorite Konchalovsky Nastasya was his Savior : “If not for you, I can be, and has not withdrawn his American paintings. I sat three years without work. But as soon as I said that I want to do Kinski, immediately found the producers”.

Kinski was happy like a child: “Unbelievable. Stanislavsky. We learned his system and wondered: “How do you feel?”

I was with two incredible brothers Nikita and Andrew. Once Andrew told me, “Come with me. Patristici. It is you need.” He took me to a little Church in Pennsylvania, and gave a cross with a dove. Such awards give a sense that we need someone”.

Kinski once again admitted that her favorite writer is Dostoevsky.

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