Photo: Radio Svaboda

Belarusians do what the residents of Vilnius, Prague and other European cities.

In what other country tell people what’s scarier coronavirus coronavirus psychosis. But here’s the paradox — in the forefront of institutions that, in fact, imposed quarantine, it seems, the Executive committees and the police. At least in Slutsk.

Of course, after hospitals and clinics. This week, my friend visited the district police station. Was impressed the door she opened only after he learned the purpose of the visit, in the duty room missed in the mask, said treating his hands with antiseptic. The staff were not only wearing masks, but safety glasses or goggles. Turns out the security forces from the coronavirus cherish more than the cashiers at the grocery store.

By the way, for the last two weeks I have not met in Slutsk any patrol. Staff who previously went on two-three, seemed to have evaporated.

The Executive Committee now just do not get. The top of the local vertical (the Chairman, his deputies and heads of departments) now conducts personal reception of citizens in the form of direct telephone lines. But if you need to go to the specialist call on the first floor and call.

Officials moved to an online mode and observe the prescribed who distance. If there are visitors, only in disguise. On the one hand, all in accordance with the recommendations of physicians. On the other — contrary to the “party line.” Their “first” mask is not, as it approached.

The paradoxical situation turns out: quarantine (officially announced) no, but it’s there! For civil servants and security forces, for example.

Even the quarantine is for students. However, no country in the world, except Belarus, it is not called a vacation. Probably because of IT-the country is not yet able to provide training remotely. So I decided to make a gift to the students “from a lordly shoulder”. After all, the decision to extend the vacation for another week, took not the Ministry of education and the presidential Administration.

No quarantine for everyone else. For example, for kindergartens, where even the identification of cases СOVID-19 is not grounds for closure.

Quarantine was not for those who have returned from abroad. People are just encouraged to stay home for 14 days, but nobody checks whether they observe the regime of self-isolation. There are no penalties for its violation imposed was not there.

No quarantine in the churches. Do not close them before Easter, and you can be sure people will come to hallow bread and eggs. Most, as is often the case, the elderly.

Quarantine no, because Lukashenko is going through, what are we going to “eat”. (although, as a bitter joke around, “the dead are not asked”). And business made it clear: get out your piggy banks and survive as you can.

Although the quarantine in the country is not every day I meet in my hometown of Slutsk more and more people in masks and rubber gloves on the street. They do what the residents of Vilnius, Prague and other European cities where wearing a mask in public places is necessary.

This happens in Slutsk, where as at 10 April (official report) in the district hospital there is no person with a confirmed diagnosis СOVID-19. This is perhaps the best illustration of how people trust the government.

Tatiana Guseva, “Salidarnasts”