International Truck Of The Year 2018


Photo: Twitter

In Ukraine, the presentation of the latest DAF trucks Pure Excellence standard Euro 6.

This is a model heavy class CF and XF, winning the prestigious competition International Truck Of The Year 2018 (the”international truck of the year 2018″), as well as a new srednetonnazhnye family LF.

The new machine was shown in the framework of travelling exhibitions DAF Truck Centre Dnipro 2018 Road Show, which took place 31 may – 01 June in the river, at the new dealership DAF – “Truck Center Dnipro” open this spring.

About DAF trucks Pure Excellence of the standard of Euro 6, we have repeatedly written and even tested them on the roads of Spain in the fall of 2017. Note that, thanks to the optimised aerodynamics and improved power lines, cars are more economical 7%. Models have increased the service interval and the warranty is 3 years or 500 thousand miles . Despite the first public presentation in Ukraine has already sold about 40 new DAF Pure Excellence.

Within the DAF Truck Centre Dnipro 2018 Road Show took place another important event – the transfer of keys from four trucks DAF to representatives of open company “eurobud Plus”. This company is engaged in construction of roads in the Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as in neighboring areas and already operates trucks DAF. With the new delivery Park consists of 14 cars of this brand. The first trucks are already hitting about 60 thousand km and well-proven. Transferred may 31 cars – two-wheel tractor and two XF 105 truck СF85. All the cars with the 460-horsepower turbodiesel Euro 5 standard and automatic transmission.

New DAF service station, which opened in April of this year. Here the post 3, are fitting, welding, electrical, repair MOT. and transmission., computer diagnostics, breakdown/chord. Is your warehouse orig. parts. Refill AdBlue. Repair and trailers. Now in Ukraine 4 Truck centre DAF in the Dnieper river, Kiev, Lviv and Odessa.


The DAF Truck Centre Dnipro Road Show 2018 in one of the newest trucks DAF CF 340 (6×2) in the back of the van was equipped with the exposition of the parts of TRP. Recall that the auto parts store TRP (Truck&Trailer Parts) was discovered in the river in the spring of 2016. It offers original spare parts for DAF trucks and machinery brands, as well as for trailers.