In China, the 39-year-old man Huang Chancy suffers from a rare disease – neurofibromatosis. Disease struck the Chinese in childhood, at the age of four years, and gradually turned his face into a huge tumor that prevents him to live a normal life. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The weight of the tumor is
about fifteen pounds. Hard to believe, but the man has already undergone 4 operations,
and it also continues to grow. Unfortunately, the injured man
have to live with brothers and sisters.

For a long time man
it is the object of medical research, and also acted in various
in documentary films, and recently he was invited to become a party to so urodov what Juan said sharp

Previously a horrible tumor on his face the size of a soccer ball killed 17-year-old boy .

Hope for salvation
child his family was tiny but she came when in 2015
The UK held a 24-hour operation to remove the tumor. Along with
tumor doctors removed part of his skull and replaced the jaw bone. After that
the teenager had to go through a number of restructuring operations.