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In Russia, Boeing-737 plane returned to the airport “Vnukovo” due to the fact that the engine failed in the air over Voronezh, on Board were about 170 passengers.

In Russia, the ship “Victory” returned to Moscow airport “Vnukovo” after the engine failure in the air over Voronezh, said on Saturday “Interfax” a source in the emergency services.

“Boeing-737 plane returned to the airport of departure – in “Vnukovo” and landed on one engine,” – said the source.

According to him, on Board is about 170 passengers, nobody has suffered.

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Earlier it was reported that engine failure forced the commander of the passenger ship “Victory” to turn the plane around and return to “Vnukovo”. The plane carried out flight Moscow-Astrakhan. However, in the area of Voronezh in the air Boeing 737 have denied the right engine and the commander decided to return to “Vnukovo”.