Measures have been taken due to the frequent attacks.

In the UK, will limit the sale of sulfuric acid and forbidden to sell to children such aggressive substances due to the sharp rise of attacks using them. This was stated by interior Minister amber Rudd, according to Reuters.

“Attack with acid absolutely outrageous. In addition, given its use in the manufacture of homemade explosives, the so-called “mother of Satan” (acetone peroxide), I declare the intention to significantly limit the sale of sulfuric acid,” said Rudd.

To military use acetone peroxide is not used because of the high volatility and sensitivity, however, since the 1980s been used for terrorist purposes as an initiating or primary explosive.

Use by terrorists due to the simplicity of synthesis, and that in the molecule of the substance is no nitrogen, making it impossible to determine explosive devices with standard devices, responsive to nitrogen .

The substance has roughly the same explosive power as TNT.

Recently at the train station in Marseilles, a woman splashed with hydrochloric acid in American tourists.