Tue, 28 Feb 2017


Photo: naked-science.ru

Windhorse Aerospace began developing a drone for humanitarian operations, the body of which it is planned to make edible.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are considered the best tool for search and rescue operations. These machines help professionals in search and rescue disaster and man-made disasters, exploration, and assess the extent of damage.

The new device, called Pouncer, will be equipped with compact circuit-controller, a battery, an electric motor with a pusher propeller and drives the elevons. The elements of the design is set in a wooden case with 17 grooves for dry rations.

The startup intends to release the drone in three variants. The miniature device is designed to carry 20 pounds of food, medium — 50 pounds, large — 100 pounds. Their range will be 35 miles, a wingspan of 2.7 meters. Pouncer will start with transport aircraft .

After the start of serial production of drones, the company will develop a version with edible casing. The frame of the first prototype will be portable and will allow you to use it, for example, for a bonfire, while promising devices, excluding electrical components, will be made of freeze-dried pressed vegetables.