Today, March 29, it became known about the clarification of the circumstances of the beating of minors in the stock of one of the shopping centers of Moscow region.

As reported by law enforcement officers, Monday, March 27, at the shopping center “Red whale” in Mytishchi was the brutal beating of two teenagers.

It is reported that security guards of the shopping center struck some blows with hands and feet on minor, local residents, using abusive words.

According to victims, they just looked in the open door of the warehouse out of curiosity.

However, the security personnel of “red China” announced the breakage of the locks, adolescents, and attempting malicious entry into the territory of the warehouse. Currently being investigated all the causes and circumstances of a shocking conflict .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the police said that later that evening, March 23, a passerby reported to the attendant near one of the shopping centers of the city, a group of aggressive teenagers brutally beat up a homeless person.

Recall the horrific details told the mother of one of the teenagers, who secretly was the so-called “groups of death”. She noticed some strange behavior of the son and decided to see his messages in popular social networks.