ZHELEZNOVODSK, 22 Dec. /TASS/. Sochi plans to collect in 2018, 30 million rubles resort fee, which is fully directed to the development of resort infrastructure, told TASS on Friday the head of the city Evgeny Moiseev.

“When the resort fee is 50 rubles a day resting we set ourselves the task to collect in the coming year, with may 1, not less than 30 million roubles only under the collective placements. An important task is the organization of an effective system of paying the resort fee. And we have to show our guests its quick effectiveness for repair and maintenance of the resort infrastructure”, – said Moiseev.

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According to him, over the past 10 years in the resort city reported an average of 1.35 million bed-days. Possible number of beneficiaries, are exempt from payment of duty would amount to one-third of the total number of tourists. “Thus, we reach a target figure . Also working with the private sector renting apartments to vacationers, who traditionally worked in the shadows, and in Soviet times was placed to 30% of the total number of visitors,” said the mayor.

In July 2017, the State Duma adopted in final reading the law on introduction of resort fees. The document provides for the introduction in an experimental mode in 2018-2022 years of collecting tourists for the use of resort infrastructure in the Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol regions and in the Crimea. In the cities-resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters this new collection, whose rate per day of stay will be 50 rubles per person, will start to collect may 1, 2018. The collected means will go on development of tourist infrastructure in these regions.