In the waters of the Kerch Bay near Cape AK-Burun, where the process of construction of a bridge on the Crimean Peninsula, was found a large quantity of ancient pottery and part of a terracotta sculpture.

Such information published by the information center “Crimean bridge”, reports “Russian conversation”.

The sculpture represents the image of a male head. Experts made the assumption that the product displays one of the ancient Greek gods.

According to the head of the underwater unit of the Institute of archaeology RAS Sergey Olkhovsky study of the discovered objects will be handled by a group of leading experts on the art of Ancient Greece. In addition, the planned laboratory studies in the composition of the clay.

“At the moment we believe that a terracotta head made in Asia Minor in the fifth century BC,” – said the scientist .

It should be noted that the bridge over the waters of the Kerch Strait is one of the ambitious projects in modern Russia. It is anticipated that the project will be the largest in the country – the length of the construction will reach up to 19 kilometers.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed in February was reported construction of a bridge to Crimea to a new stage. Then began the construction of a number of marine bays of the structure.