On the street Khokhryakova in Yekaterinburg yesterday evening, may 25, there was a big tragedy. The man who fell from the roof of an office building fell to their deaths. At the bottom was a pair of lovers whose romantic evening was completely spoiled by this incident.

As it became
you know, the incident occurred near the building, located next to the hotel
Tenet. According to “Russian conversation” fallen from a great height the man at
also burning. It landed almost at the feet of a pair of lovers who
whiled away the evening with a bottle of champagne.

The man collapsed
just a few metres from the young people and died on the spot. Lovers
got scared and ran away.

It later turned out,
that victim was 50-year-old resident of the Sverdlovsk region. According to preliminary
data, he walked up to the building an hour before the incident the fire escape .
Police found lighter fluid and a lighter.

At the moment
it is unknown what exactly prompted the suicide of such a terrible act. All
the circumstances of the tragedy will be known in the course of the investigation, which has already