The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday, approved the financial plan of state enterprise “NAEK “Energoatom” for 2018 with expected net profit of 327,627 million UAH, which is by 38.5% more than expected compared to the current year (236,472 million UAH).

At the same time finplan-2018 can be adjusted by the government in the first quarter due to the fact that the national Commission will approve the tariffs by only on December 28.

Net income of “Energoatom” in 2018 it is planned in the amount of 40 billion 523,185 million, which is 6.4% more than expected in 2017 (38 billion 85,539 million), gross profit to 4 billion 716,29 million, which is 24.7% more than expected in the current year (3 billion 781,496 million), with EBITDA at $ 9 billion 690,6 million UAH, which is 8% greater than expected in 2017 (8 billion 974,324 million UAH) .

Rising fuel costs in 2018 may reach 0,9% (101,083 million UAH) in comparison with expected in 2017 – up to 11 billion 901,682 million. The cost of removal of the spent nuclear fuel in the next year are expected to amount to 3 billion 572,1 million.

Capital investment NAEC by 2018 in the amount of 6 billion 285,294 million UAH, which is 2.2 times more than expected in 2017 (2 billion 801,069 million UAH). Including the implementation of an Integrated program to improve safety (CPB) – 3 billion 157,4 million UAH, construction of the csfsf – 710,8 million, the completion of tashlyksky pumped storage power plant – 298,8 million UAH, creation of a complex for processing solid radioactive waste is 120 million UAH.

Electricity plants in 2018 it is planned in the amount of 76,02 billion kWh compared with the expected 78,863 billion kWh in 2017. Vacation Tashlyk HPSPP construction and AGES is expected in the amount of 0.22 billion kWh.

As reported, “Energoatom” in 2016, reduced the net profit by 4.5 times (646,679 million UAH) compared to 2015 year – to 187,126 million. Net income NAEC in 2016 has increased by 9.6% (to 3 billion 163,981 million UAH) – up to 36 billion 67,864 million, whereas gross profit decreased by 22.7% (1 billion UAH 676,897 million) to 5 billion 723,969 million.

“Energoatom” is the operator of all four operating NPPs of Ukraine. It operates 15 power units equipped with water-cooled power reactors with a total installed electrical capacity of 13,835 GW.

NAEK also operates Tashlykskaya PSPP installed capacity of 302 MW in turbine mode and constructed on the lower reservoir PSP oleksandrivska hydroelectric power station installed capacity of 11.5 MW, which together with southern-the Ukrainian nuclear power plants make up the South Ukrainian energy complex.