The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to create a “hot” line for tourists.

According to the order №168 of March 16, the corresponding item is included in the development strategy of tourism and resorts for the period up to 2026.

The strategy envisages the need to ensure the safety of tourists and protection of their legitimate rights and interests that will enhance the quality of tourism services .

The planned creation of a “hot” telephone line for receiving and recording requests and complaints of tourists, including foreign, as well as providing the necessary information on tourism, calling for assistance.

It is also planned to carry out monitoring of emergency events occurring with tourists in the regions and to increase the responsibility of subjects of tourist activities to the consumers of tourism services.

The strategy provides for the establishment and maintenance of foreign languages the tourist Internet portal “Visit Ukraine” ( “Visit Ukraine”) with a common format of reliable and timely information about tourism opportunities in the regions and cities of Ukraine.