The doctor notes that the number of heart attacks in Russia among teenagers is not much different from similar cases in the West. The difference is that abroad approximately half of the children turns out to save, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Star.”

According to the expert, in an average year in Russia because of heart problems dies of 1.4 children out of 100. In the world, the figure is 1.1 out of 100. “Half of the world’s children in developed countries are saving,” says Makarov.

He argues that school nurses are not able to help the child, since organizations do not special equipment, for example defibrillators.

In addition, the expert adds that the huge number of children’s deaths could have been avoided, but this is not happening because of low professionalism of some health workers. According to him, during the examination the doctors can’t see children have obvious disease after, for example, ECG.

Specialist also lamented the imperfection of the legislation. for example, the doctor, “if it takes off robe, has no right to provide medical care”. The world is a normal practice to the first aid people without a medical degree. Even if it fails, such a person will not sue.