On the morning of March 12 was not the Dmitry Soloviev, the son of film Director Sergei Solovyov. He died in the Sklifosovsky Institute. He was only 43 years. Dmitry, whose friends and acquaintances simply called Mitya, was hospitalized in January with a serious disease.

photo: still from the film

In early January he was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “pancreatitis”. Father was very worried, and the questions of colleagues answered succinctly: “the Situation is very serious.” But nobody thought so. Pancreatitis is an insidious illness, its symptoms do not manifest immediately. In recent days, Dmitry complained about the flu, but in the clinic it turned out that he had pneumonia, which could play a fatal role.

After school Dmitry Solovyov entered VGIK, the workshop of Sergey Solovyov and the late Valery Rubinchik. In 1991 debuted as an actor in his father’s “House under the starry sky”, and in 2000 played a major role in his film “Tender age” .

Mitya also co-wrote the script, which he wrote together with his father. Surely Sergey Solovyov that was very important. What was needed was a voice of that generation, to which belonged his son. And the picture is exactly what it is generational.

Dmitri Soloviev were very similar to his beautiful mother, actress and film critic Marianne Kushnerova. Many viewers remember her in the film “the stationmaster” Solovyov — adaptation of the novel of Pushkin. She played a gentle Dunyasha had left the old man with the rake. Mitya in his early years had the same delicate features like his mother. And then he in many respects resembled his father.

After the “Tender age” it seemed to many that Dmitri Soloviev had disappeared. But he constantly worked with his father, helped him in organizing the International festival of film debuts “Spirit of fire” in Khanty-Mansiysk. It will be held this year in early March. Mitya was there a design Director since the founding of the festival. And Sergey has more than 15 years remains its permanent President.

In recent years mit has worked on almost all the projects of his father, went with him to film expeditions. He was the producer of the latest pictures of Sergei Alexandrovich “Ke-dy” on the novel by Andrew Gelasimov.

The funeral service will take place on 14 February at 10.30 am in the Church of St. John the Evangelist on Bronnaya.