Immunologist called the cause severe cases COVID-19 young people

Over the past 25 years, scientists have identified various genetic variations leading to selective vulnerability to certain infections among young people, adolescents and children.

Rare severe forms of occurrence of coronavirus infection in young people can be attributed to the genetic predisposition of patients, said immunologist from France, Professor Jean-Laurent Casanova. About it on Friday, April 17, according to Le Monde.

Specialist focused on the fact that for unknown reasons some young people and children without chronic diseases COVID-19 runs extremely hard and in some cases provoke the death.

“These unexplained cases indicate the existence of genetic factors that influence response to the virus,” said the Professor.

The scientist believes that in relatively young patients may have a genetic predisposition does not manifest until the first contact with the virus, but later it can lead to a hit man in intensive care.

“At the moment of contact with the infection manifests your phenotype that exists in your genes vulnerability to it. Therefore, our goal is to identify variations in the genome which can explain the occurrence of severe forms,” explained Casanova.

Currently, researchers under the guidance of Casanova trying to understand which genes are most vulnerable to coronavirus.

Earlier, the British physician called lethal factors in coronavirus.

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