It became clear why the people decided to sever their relationship.

About what celebrity couple is getting a divorce, reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to news information portal Life.

The news that Vlad Topalov meets the daughter of the oligarch Pavel Danilin, appeared at the beginning of 2015. A few months lovers decided to get married. Many evil tongues gossiped that Vlad marries for the calculation – then it is using creativity earning a very modest money, but his fiancee did not save on anything and could afford anything you want. However, the pair denied such rumors.

Recently it became clear that marriage Topalov and danilidou came to an end. The couple have already prepared the necessary documents in order to officially break off their relationship.

Friends of the couple reported that those some time ago he wanted to live separately . Supposedly Vlad and Kseniya decided to check his feelings, which over time could fade away. Love celebrities not passed the test of time, and the couple decided for divorce.

Danilin, who after marriage took her husband’s surname, is now back on social networks maiden name.