Photo: Getty the United States was prepared cats, dogs, dolphins and birds to spy for the Soviet Union

American intelligence considered birds as “living sensors” and media cameras.

The Central intelligence Agency of the USA published a paper on the program of training animals to conduct espionage missions in the Soviet Union during the cold war. As writes AFP, citing documents they contain info about testing of cats, dogs, dolphins and birds.

Great attention was paid to the training of dolphins, which could carry out sabotage and help to spy on Soviet nuclear submarines.

Projects Oxygas and Chirilogy CIA tried to find out whether it is possible to train dolphins to place explosives on ships to set sonar buoys in the Soviet ports or to accompany the submarines to assemble their acoustic characteristics.

Also, special attention was paid to birds: pigeons, owls, crows and hawks. The CIA attracted birders to find birds that regularly spent part of the year near Shikhany, Saratov region, where the military-chemical range.

States that us intelligence considered birds as “living sensors”, based on which food you would find out by testing what substances does the USSR. In the early 1970s, the CIA studied the use of birds of prey and crows to deliver listening devices, and for obtaining photographs.

In addition, us intelligence had a plan associated with pigeons. On the website of the CIA posted a picture of a dove with an associated small camera. But studies have been mixed. The documents indicate that guide the pigeons was planned for the shipyard, which built nuclear submarines.



According to the Agency, none of the programs described in declassified documents, has not advanced far.

Earlier Корреспондент.net told that because of President Donald trump, the CIA had to evacuate valuable spy in the Kremlin.

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