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World news: Various restrictions will apply to the four zones of the city, and the most stringent restrictions will be in the Central area.

The municipality of Madrid is preparing stringent new rules that prohibit actual rent private housing in the Spanish capital for tourists.

It is reported by the European true with reference to The Local.

The new measures were announced this week in the fight against mass tourism, which is complaining about the locals. According to them, because of services like AirBnb is increasing rents for them.

In the mayor’s office said that the new rules are intended “to preserve the use of buildings as dwellings, permanent discontinuation of use (by tourists) and its replacement temporary, thus preventing use of the dwelling solely for tourists.”

New rules prohibit the rental of tourist apartments more than 90 days a year . They will also prevent the conversion of entire apartment buildings into housing for tourists without special licenses, like hotels and a moratorium on the issuance of such licenses will be, at least for a year.

Apartments for tourists in the Central area will require a separate entrance on the street from residents that virtually eliminates all the apartments, except located on the ground floor.

In April the Spanish resort town of Palma on Mallorca objavil that will forbid to hand over to owners of apartments tourist apartment.

Earlier, Barcelona has also said it will fight the services on rent of private houses, imposing heavy fines.