Photo: Getty Images Now in the city in Belgium you need a license to feed the cats

The city authorities decided to prohibit to feed the stray cats without a special license. Using “map survivor”, the authorities decided to fight the growth of a population of street animals.

The authorities of NAMUR city in Belgium have banned the feeding of stray cats without a permit, which requires the licence holder to adhere to certain rules. It is reported by RTBF on Tuesday, August 13.

Since 2007, relevant city services sterilized or castrated 1810 of dogs and cats. Despite these measures, the feeding of street cats residents contributes to their reproduction.

Now citizen who wants to continue to feed stray cats must obtain permission from the city administration map of the breadwinner.

Also, the authorities of NAMUR has formed rules for the owners of “maps of the breadwinner”. For example, a resident shall not feed cats bones or scraps. When the temperature outside is over 20 degrees Celsius, the city recommends the use of only dry food. It was also established specifically for feeding stray cats.

We will remind that earlier the Chinese cat won the Network its emotionality.

It was also reported that the cat survived after hours of washing in the machine.

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