YALTA, April 20. /TASS/. The cluster approach to tourism development in the Crimea has allowed to increase the tourist flow, revenues and create new jobs. This was reported by Minister of resorts and tourism of the region Sergey Strelbitsky during the Yalta international economic forum (AMEF).

“Improved infrastructure. Today we see an increase in tourist traffic, revenues, new jobs. Most importantly, I saw the business, and how did the people who came up with the investment is that the government is very seriously investing today in the development of the Crimea”, – he said, speaking on the profile of the travel section.

Strelbitsky recalled that in the Crimea in 2015 created six clusters, two of which are on the East coast of the Peninsula and four in the West. “This was no coincidence, as these regions are most promising for the development of Crimea. There currently are focusing our core potential beach areas, and there is where to turn to business,” he said .

Perspectives of East and West

Strelbitskiy said that cluster model of tourism development for the Crimea and investors are very attractive. “Most importantly, we are already seeing the effectiveness of the cluster model. First of all, those regions that were included in a cluster system, has become an attractive investment. Today, increased business activity, primarily local business, which is very important for Crimea”, – said the Minister.

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In General, according to Strelbitskogo in the infrastructure development of the tourist cluster it is planned to invest within the Federal program on socio-economic development of the Peninsula up to 2020 more than 24 billion rubles.

Clusters are created for the development of children’s recovery, in particular in Yevpatoria and natural areas such as lakes with mud – in Sakaka and Leninsky districts of the Peninsula.

“For example, the implementation of the project on lake Chokrak, in the Leninsky district starts next year. It is the Eastern part of the Peninsula. Stockpiles of dirt will last for centuries, and there will be a new, unique greeblemonkey resort”, – said strelbitskiy.

In addition, he said, the projects will be implemented in the black sea area to the West of the Crimea and Koktebel near Feodosia.

The cluster – a signal for business

The Minister added that investors clearly captures the interest of the state in development of tourist clusters, in particular in the Crimea.

“As soon as the signal state that in this or that city, its infrastructure and begin to invest public funds, then immediately there is a business up,” said strelbitskiy.

As an example, he cited the Western region of the Peninsula – the black sea. “When it was announced in 2016 that it is included in a cluster system, we were amazed because in the first quarter of the same year, the black sea area by the number of applications and investment projects were in second place after Yalta. So the state can change the system approaches to the organization of infrastructure,” he said.

According to official data of the Ministry of resorts of the Republic, increase the flow of tourists in Crimea is constantly increasing. In 2014 the Peninsula was visited by 3.8 million people, in 2015, 4.6 million, and in 2016, the Republic was visited by 5.6 million people.

III international Yalta economic forum (AMEF) takes place from 20 to 22 April, with the participation of about 1.5 thousand people from 50 countries. Strategic information partner of the forum is the news Agency TASS.