During a severe thunderstorm a resident of the Colombian town of Medellin captured the photo of a few long alien ships. The eyewitness of incident decided to remove the flashes of lightning. Colombian manually made a series of pictures, and then going to remove the photos, which it was not lightning. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Looking through the pictures
intended to remove, he found them in different places strange
long dark gray objects whose origin could not explain. An eyewitness of the incident
decided to take my IPAD to do as much as possible
photos, and therefore used the continuous shooting mode.

According to the resident
the town of Medellin, his images not mounting. Moreover, he says that
the time of shooting any birds and planes were not around.

Previously, the Internet exploded alien spacecraft, which is disguised as the soil of the moon .

According to the fans
pictures of distant planets, UFO has a triangular shape. The ship is in one
from the craters, so it is difficult to fix with the help of earth and space
telescopes and satellites.