Vladimir Zelensky

A year ago he became President of Ukraine.

The President’s team of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky listed 12 things that the Ukrainians have learned over the year of his stay in power, reports censor.net.

It is noted that “Ukraine learned at Zelensky that:

To enter the land market is possible.

A Minister is not a Saint, if he fails – could leave a post even after a month.

Monopolist does not mean a dictatorship – as it would be in Russia.

Prisoners can even return from Mordor.

Parliamentary immunity – will not believe! – removed.

To dismiss the Prosecutor General, no need to wait for the next President or a call from Washington.

The Prime Minister can dress down for the high salaries of officials.

The President can give a press conference 14 hours to the last question.

The Minister can voluntarily go into quarantine, just to appease people.

The state may pay dozens of planes to bring home citizens stranded abroad.

The presidential party can voluntarily give up government funding.

During a pandemic the President can appeal to people more often than the mayor of your city”.