The situation with the storage of ammunition in military warehouses and incidents involving fires in arsenals in the last two years will be the subject of a meeting of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defense on Wednesday, October 4.

“It was not implemented no management decision. The first issue of our open meeting on Wednesday at 15.00 will be the situation with the storage of ammunition and an analysis of why over the last two years we have the fourth undermining warehouses in the country,” – said during the conciliation Council of leaders of factions, committees and groups of the Parliament on Monday, the head of the Committee Serhiy Pashinsky.

He recalled that the losses from 4 such incidents, including a fire in the Arsenal near the city of Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region, exceeds $1 billion.

“Half an hour ago I was informed that contrary to the signed letters on the inspection of the people’s deputies of the existing warehouses of ammunition, deputies of our Committee was not allowed at one of the warehouses,” – said S. Pashinskiy.