ALABINO /Moscow region/, July 30. /TASS/. The competition of military police “Guardian of order”, which was first included in the program of the international Army games, began in the suburbs.

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As has told the Deputy chief of the main Directorate of military police of the defense Ministry, major-General Vitaly Koch, the military police was established five years ago and the details of the competition – “it’s the pinnacle of military training of military police”.

“We all know that the battalions of the military police taking part in peacekeeping efforts in Syria, and their work is very relevant. The competition will show how they prepare and what they are ready,” said Koch.

According to him, the competition of Russian military police will be their colleagues from Kazakhstan. “We wish them success,” added Koch.

The contest “Guardian of order” will be held in four stages . During the competition the military police will need to demonstrate accuracy in shooting to overcome an obstacle, to withstand the race in the patrol car and the team race to overcome natural barriers.

Army games in 2017 are conducted on the 22 grounds of Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China from July 29 to August 12. Their participants were representatives of 28 countries.