Anton Shipulin

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MOSCOW, March 18. /Offset. TASS Sergey Fuchs/. The coaching Council of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) will discuss the training of Anton Shipulin for the winter Olympic games in 2018 in Korean Pyeongchang on April 30. About this TASS said the head coach of Russian national team Alexander Kasperovich.

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Expert: Shipulin saved power before the last race of the season

On Saturday, the Russian won gold in the pursuit race at the final world Cup in Norwegian Holmenkollen and secured second place in the overall standings KM.

“Anton is now in good shape, all season he showed a good result, only shooting sometimes could not cope. At this stage Anton all turns out, today was a tough fight. Nice that Anton is so beautifully finishes the season, which once again underlines our biathlon is at a good level . Of course, for an athlete is the end of the season is a good motivation, a confidence booster before next season, when will the Olympics,” said the Kasperovich.

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Ahead of Shipulin took second place in the final standings of the world Cup

In October 2013, it was announced that the leader of the Russian team Shipulin will run separately from the team on an individual plan. However, during the current season, fans and experts have repeatedly called for the journalist to go to training with the national team and four-time Olympic champion, member of the Board of the RBU Alexander Tikhonov has expressed the opinion that Shipulin this will help to improve your results.

“We will discuss the preparation of the athlete on the coach Board, which will be held April 30 in Tyumen. We have your training plan Shipulin, Anton coach is his understanding. While he prepared with his specialist, and we will resolve the issue together. They have their own concept, they do, and it is not necessary to break anything”, – concluded the expert.