The construction of the stadium “Samara-arena”

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS

MOSCOW, August 29. /TASS/. The stadium in Samara, which is being built for the FIFA world Cup of 2018, as planned, will be ready before the end of this year. About it journalists were reported by the General Director of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Alexey Sorokin.

At the moment the backlog is estimated at one month. Civil works at the Samara stadium should be completed before the end of 2017. After delivery to the customer in the spring of 2018 in the arena must pass at least three of the test match.

“It is impossible to build all the stadiums were neck and neck – someone is ahead, someone is a little behind. Due to a number of factors Samara was a little behind, but that gap kompensiruet. Last week was a visit that brought some clarity, removed many painful issues . We have confidence that we will build in time and have time to spend a few games in the spring, as at other stadiums,” – said Sorokin.

Arena, designed for 45 thousand spectators, is being built at the entrance to Samara close to the main highways leading towards the airport and tol’yatti. The design of the stadium reflects the image of the city as Samara aviation and space technology. The facility will be the spherical dome with a height of up to 60 meters with a cutout in the center, resembling a flying saucer.

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